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Serif & Silver Issue III: Unchanged


Despite the areas around us, the ways in which we interact with the world, with art, despite of the focal point, these photographs display their purpose. It isn't the subject that provides the most context in a photograph, but rather the negative space around it. In this space we find the meaning, we find the story, we find the background, and we find the soul.

If we were to remove the subject, the negative space would not be able to exist on its own, surviving only as a mish-mash assortment of smaller less significant focal points our eyes dart around on. We know that space without a focal point is a mess, but it is where we want to live.

The negative space supports the focal point by surrounding it, by stepping back, by giving it a home and a community to reside in.

Unchanged: The Moral Order of Negative Space is a reflection on the areas we occupy. Spaces in the real world, how we interact through communal and private, natural and man made, both in the real world and perhaps more importantly through the photographs we capture.

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