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Nate Matos

Nate Matos is a 29 year old film photographer from Portland, OR. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, his unique style of capturing images has garnered attention from around the globe. Featured in galleries, collections, zines and through interactive media, the photographs taken by Nate Matos represent a progressive path within modern photography.

As the producer and publisher for the quarterly film photography journal Serif & Silver, Nate uses his photography and writing to bring his work and closely held ideals to a large audience through traditional print mediums. You can purchase Serif & Silver by clicking the link in the main menu.

Nate is also the founder of the Pdexposures Film Photography Network of podcasts, video reviews and resources for aspiring film photographers. Pdexposures has a community of over 10,000 followers, fans, and listeners to its four currently running podcasts.


2012 – Then. Now. Here.
2012 – Strangers
2013 – LenZless
2014 – Creatures of Habit – “Northwestern” Series
2014 – Pryme Issue II: Urban/Rural – “High Desert” series
2015 - Newspace Photo Gallery Member Show
2016 - PRYME EDITIONS - Unchanged series

2015 – Serif & Silver Issues I - III
2016 – Serif & Silver Issue IV: Sobremesa
2016 – Serif & Silver Compendium/Compendium PRYME EDITION
2016 – Blandscapes Volumes 1-3
2016 – Littlefields Issue 15: Nate Matos - Landscapes
2016 – Blandscapes Volume 4: Placed by the Gideons
2017 – Nominated for 2017 First Book Award
2017 – Color Theory: Various Shades of & In the Middle
2017 – An Arizona Motel
2018 – A Brooklyn Street
2018 – Resort Town: Anaheim
2018 – Resort Town: Sultan Sea
2018 – Resort Town: Rockaway Beach

2014 – Pryme Issue II: Urban/Rural
2016 – The Shoot with Matt Day, Episode 2
2017 – Shifter Media - Blandscapes

2015 – Newspace Center for Photography – Artifacts
2016 – Norman Roscoe, Denton, TX – The Importance of Self Publishing
2017 – Newspace Center for Photography – TWENTY PHOTOGRAPHS
2017 – Norman Roscoe, Denton, TX – Publishing for the Public

You can follow Nate’s most recent work via Instagram and Tumblr.

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