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Serif & Silver Issue IV: Sobremesa


Within photography there is one goal that should be held above all others. In looking at the image, we should not only question does it evoke reaction, but through what means? Is a photo able to do more than paint with light, and does it convey enough to stand as a unique language we can speak through?

It is clear that photographs have become a language, unfortunately like spoken languages there are some things that require more effort than a simple translation. Words like this, known as untranslatable words aren’t actually an impossible task to translate. Rather we must work harder to try and define a single word through abstract ideas about what that means. Sobremesa is one of these words.

Sobermesa: On Translating Photographs takes what I have learned throughout this project. What I have discovered and presented of the series, of the pair, and finally of the surroundings within our images. Combining them for what is the culmination of this project and leaves the discussion open after it is done.

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